Digital marketing is the new and ever happening trend, people who want to remain abreast with the competition needs free stock photos now and then to supplement their written material. Many websites have images for commercial use for free, and they are all according to the photography sites templates so that they are all according to a certain standard and can be used without much difficulty. With the recent wave of free stock photo libraries, there has been a plethora of websites and blogs that welcome submission and at the same time allow the users to download the photos without any issues. Amongst the sites that offer free pictures, some demand that they should be cited or given credit, while some under the free license do not require a mention. The pictures are available for personal and commercial use. The reason that there has been an increase in the picture libraries is the low amount that the customers are willing to pay for images. Photographers and designers have adopted it as a way to showcase their talents and convince clients to hire them for projects later on. This trend has two-way benefits, people looking for great photographs with a touch of professionalism in them can use these websites to access them, and photographers gain new customers through them. Some of the best websites are:

  • Unsplash, they offer ten photographs every ten days. The photographs are emailed to subscribers. The photographs are also available on the website and they can be browsed category wise or searched by specific keywords.
  • Stocksnap, this site has a vast collection of pictures. The photos can be searched by keywords, dates uploaded, the most trending ones and according to the category they belong to. There are many options that can be used to find the perfect match.
  • Pixabay contains numerous images, photographs, illustrations, vectors and graphic images. The collection of the site is very vast. The visitor has the option to chose the device, the medium and even the orientation of the photograph they are looking for. This site has a very extensive search system and hence the reason it is preferred by many bloggers and advertisers as the ultimate source.
  • Kaboompics, this website consists of many galleries combined to form one platform. The visitor can quickly search through the photos and identify the relevant pic without much issue. The photographs are amazingly clicked and require mention where ever they are being used.


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