Social media content requires photographs to give it greater meaning. It has been established through research that content with pictures had higher views and became trends quicker than regular posts. Photos help in creating a more significant impact on the viewers. In many cases, the words fail to describe what photographs can convey.  There are many photography websites that offer free stock photos. The companies, small businesses, and many online brands make use of these pictures to create impactful content. There are many websites that specifically offer images for commercial use; these sites welcome submissions from people who are willing to submit their photographs and showcase their photographic talents. Most of the photography websites have set defined templates. These photography sites templates ensure submissions that are par excellent.  Sharp and focused photographs are always in high demand as they help in creating visually appealing content, that provides five times greater consumer engagement than posts without photos.

The list of websites that offer amazing free stock photos for commercial use are:

  • Cup cake: This site offers stock photos from Jonas Wimmerstrom. The photos are related to nature and landscape. They are all under a free license and hence can be used by blogs and companies looking for nature related photos.
  • Death to stock photo: The photographs that you get from the website can be used for your commercial purpose, you do not have the right to distribute these photos further. When you sign up with the website, you get to choose the category, every month, and you are emailed ten stock photos from that particular category. You can reselect your group whenever you need to.
  • Epicantus: These are original photographs taken by Daria. These photos are all high resolution and can be incorporated into your website’s landing pages and blog posts.
  • Foodie’s Feed: This website offers exotic, tempting and tantalizing stock photos, all related to food. You can use these photos for your blogs and articles, but you cannot sell them your photos and neither can you resell their photos.
  • Free Nature stock: This site contains photographs related to nature. The pictures are all high resolution and original work of Adrian Pelletier. The photos are all free, and one photograph is added daily to the website.
  • Furious Camera: This website has many photographs uploaded daily. They are free to use for commercial purposes. The photographs are all high-resolution shots under various themes.